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About XION

Xion is a hub for all security officers around the world. It connects them with all the guard seekers to help both parties find perfect profile for each job.

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Are you a guard?

Simple, convenient and practical, XION is the ultimate tool for guards looking to land the perfect job. XION streamlines the job search process, allowing you to create a profile, browse through jobs and apply with just a few clicks. Simply open the app, create a profile and explore the endless opportunities.

How it works

Sign up through the App
Create your professional profile.
Get contacted for the jobs that suits you most. Or apply to the jobs you judge suitable.
Accept or decline jobs according to your preferences.

“After constantly job hunting across job search sites, I decided to download the XION app. I found my ideal job in no time and was able to apply and contact the employer in minutes. The app is convenient for those on the go and I highly recommend it to all in the security industry.”


Are you a guard seeker?

Designed to connect guards with the most suitable company, XION serves as a niche marketplace for employers seeking the most ideal candidates. This platform provides a selection of suitable employees specifically seeking work in the security field. Simply list your job, contact potential candidates and find the right person for the position.

How it works

Sign up through the App
Add your job description
Get contacted by the most reputable guards. Or contact the ones that you see fit.
Accept or decline a guard’s application based on your job requirements.

“As the owner of a security company, I am constantly on the hunt for experienced guards. XION is my go-to for finding the most suitable candidates for the job. I know I can rely on XION when seeking the most qualified guards as the app is specifically targeted for those in the security field.”

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In a single search, XION offers free access to hundreds of jobs from a variety of security companies. Experience the best of what XION has to offer when you download the app to your phone.

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